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60s cop shows

TV 43 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. A new FBI profiler, Elizabeth Keen, has her entire life uprooted when a mysterious criminal, Raymond Reddington, who has eluded capture for decades, turns himself in and insists on speaking only to her.

Votes:TV 60 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. Votes: 98, TV 60 min Action, Crime, Drama. TV 44 min Crime, Drama, Horror.

Explores the early relationship between the renowned psychiatrist and his patient, a young FBI criminal profiler, who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers. TV 42 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. The cases of the F. Behavioral Analysis Unit B. CookJoe Mantegna. TV 43 min Drama, Thriller. A former White House Communications Director starts her own crisis management firm only to realize her clients are not the only ones with secrets. Votes: 65, TV 42 min Action, Crime, Drama.

Jane Doe is found in Times Square with no memory and mysterious tattoos on her body.

The Best 1960s Crime Drama TV Shows

Votes: 62, Steve McGarrett returns home to Oahu in order to find his father's killer; The Governor offers him the chance to run his own task force - Five Votes: 64, Alicia Florrick Julianna Margulies has been a good wife to her husband, a former state's attorney. After a very humiliating sex and corruption scandal, he is behind bars. She must now provide for her family and returns to work as a litigator in a law firm. Carrie Wells, a former police detective, has a rare ability to remember virtually everything she experiences including detailed visual recall.

She returns to police work and uses her ability to solve crimes. Votes: 15, Votes: 27, A group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor become involved in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives. Maura Isles team up to solve crimes in Boston. Votes: 28, An elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts work their cases in Las Vegas. Votes: 74, UK version of the long-running U.

TV drama that tells the stories of two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime; and the attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. Votes: 3, A special crime unit investigates serialized crimes that cross over European borders, to hunt down criminals and bring them to justice. Votes: 11, At the height of the Cold War two Russian agents pose as your average American couple, complete with family.Call them crime dramas, private investigator shows, police shows or any other name you can think of.

Regardless, the 80s were full of them, and many were just incredible to watch! There were more heroes in this genre then any other, as well as some epic criminals and bad guys.

Even science fiction, with all its hype in the 80s, had a hard time competing with these cops and private investigators.

Everyone wanted to solve crimes, and they were all good at it! This was a fabulous series that ran for 5 seasons and episodes! Full of cute boys and featuring some quality storytelling, the show was a joy to watch. The catchy tune at the beginning caught your attention and the cast held it for the rest of the show. Even Richard Grieco made it into the show for 18 episodes, spawning his own spin-off TV series named Booker after the character he played in 21 Jump Street.

Alas, this series only ran for 22 episodes in one season. The story revolved around the crime solving of an ex-cop who had problems with authority. Most of the crimes were related to his friends instead of his employer, which resulted in a fun variety of plot lines. This edgy detective show ran for a whopping 7 seasons and episodes.

Though the show didn't grab my attention at first, the later seasons drew me in deeper and deeper.

60s cop shows

Never mind having to make it in a male dominated profession, these two ladies had full lives outside of the job as well. Their home lives added a human element that drew a large audience to watch the show.

Because one was a single career officer and the other a married mother, the two characters dealt with a variety of everyday problems at home.

The chemistry between these two actresses won my family over as dedicated fans and viewers, and I hope it will do the same for you. Charlie's Angelsa unique crime drama for the period, focused on a team of female detectives funded by a mysterious benefactor. The benefactor, known only as Charlie, was voiced by the distinguished John Forsythe. This series ran for 5 seasons with a respectable episodes. The team of three angels changed periodically.

Of course, let's not forget David Doyle as Bosley. The series packed humor and action into a thrilling drama filled with undercover shenanigans. This show focused on two California highway patrol officers. The series ran for 6 seasons with episodes. Although real life California patrol officers never rode in pairs, the chemistry between the two main actors, Larry Wilcox and Erick Estrada playing officers Jonathan Baker and Francis "Ponch" Poncherelloprompted the show's producers to change the rules in the name of good television.

The series started off as more of a comedy, piling on slapstick humor and ridiculous events, but eventually changed to a more serious format which generated a strong viewer following.

Upon retiring, Judge Hardcastle realized that criminals had escaped on legal technicalities. The judge made a deal with McCormick, who was facing a long prison sentence, and in return for his help promised to help McCormick find his best friend's murderer.

One of the best parts of the show was the prototype sports car driven by McCormick, the Coyote X. The Harts were an extremely wealthy couple who worked as detectives for the sheer thrill. Honestly, there is not much more I can say about this show. There was a lot of cheese, but also a lot of fun. More of a police drama than a detective show, this series ran for 7 seasons and episodes.

It focused on a police precinct in some American city, which I do not believe was ever named. It was highly acclaimed and earned several Emmy awards, breaking ground especially in its use of casual and colloquial dialogue and focus on characters at the bottom of the social ladder, giving it a gritty, almost documentary feel.

Another police drama, this one was based on the character of Sgt. Rick Hunter Fred Dryer and Sgt.

60s cop shows

It ran for 7 seasons and episodes.Like so many other lists, The 40 Greatest Cops Shows of All Time got practically every writer at Paste all fired up and ready to defend the honor of their personal favorite. But there can only be one G. Original Run: Creator: Noah Hawley. Before he found himself elevated to the upper echelons of TV royalty with Fargo the series, showrunner Noah Hawley spent years cutting his teeth in the network TV trenches.

Perhaps his most notable contribution, which demonstrated his talent for crafting well-defined, if idiosyncratic, characters, was the quirky one-season police dramedy The Unusuals.

60s cop shows

This naturally proves to be easier said than done, considering the sheer neurosis on display, including one detective who is suffering from a brain tumor that induces hallucinations at inopportune times. Original Run: Creator: Stirling Silliphant. Based on the celebrated movie of the same name, Naked City sought to introduce a still-young TV audience to the idea that quality crime stories could be enjoyed in the comfort of their own living room.

Though the series featured no shortage of established thespians of stage and screen Lee J. Indeed, part of the fun in watching the show today is catching the early work of actors who would soon enough become legends in their own right. Original Run: present Creator: Sally Wainwright.

It was with dismay that I received the news from Shannon, compiler of this list, that nobody else had picked Happy Valley. Original Run: Creator: Edward Hume. For five seasons, a young Michael Douglas and a not-so-young Karl Malden cruised around the titular avenues and highways of the Bay Area in a Ford Galaxie, solving murders and maintaining the kind of love-hate relationship that has been the heart of buddy cop movies and TV shows for decades.

Okay, it was actually for just over four seasons, as Douglas left at the start of the fifth when his career as a film producer and actor starting taking off. Original Run: present Creator: Andrew W. However, it is because of its aforementioned longevity that Castle is now the butt of all those jokes.

Naturally, romance begins brewing. Fillion and Stana Katic Beckett remain forever charming, and the consistently entertaining storylines are the reason the show has its fans.

Original Run: Creator: Andy Breckman. Kenneth Brannagh stars as the older, wounded, but still deeply insightful detective in this show, adapted from the Swedish program and novels of the same name. All three seasons are on Netflix, and the fourth and final season will air later this year. Unlike so many other genius police detectives on television, Morse is often, at least initially, wrong.

The Bridge took the concept of jurisdictions and turned it into a topical look at border issues, like immigration and drugs. As the two dug deeper into the politics across the border while searching for a serial killer, The Bridge rarely shied away from tragedy and the horrific nature of the socio-political it was dissecting.

Original Run: Creator: Alan Spencer. Four years after Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker tried and failed to launch their own crime show parody with Police Squad! Though it only lasted two seasons and, as evidenced by the infamous Season One finale, even that was a major surprise to the creative teamthe show eventually found international success in syndication, lending credence to the idea that the Hammer probably had a few more years of hilarious ineptitude left in him. Before he slapped on a fake beard and found himself at Hogwarts playing Hagrid, Robbie Coltrane already staked his place as a great character actor, particularly with his work as the hard-living psychologist Edward Fitzgerald, on Cracker.

Through it all, Coltrane maintained an intensity and a rough-and-tumble charm that helped him during interrogations, arguments with his employers at the Greater Manchester Police, and in trying to keep his family together. Original Run: Creator: William Blinn.

The series could be pretty exciting, with solid action scenes, and was also occasionally funny. The fantastical element came from the star of the show, Sam Tyler, a modern day detective who gets hit by a car and wakes up in NY's Strongest!!!! Trivia Quiz Categories. Brain Teasers. For Kids. Video Games. Popular Recent Quizzes. Most Highly Rated Quizzes. Trivia Facts. Website - Quizzes served 6, Players - Most points Kniclan - Registered members - Just registered!

Teams - Most points NY's Strongest!!!! Toma Baretta Mannix Colombo. Question 2: View the provided image. Who played the title role on the TV show Baretta? Michael Gubitosi Lyman P. Docker Robert Blake all of them. View Image. Question 3: View the provided image. What police show featured two cops driving around Bay Hill in Southern California? Car 54, Where Are You? Question 4: View the provided image. This is the name of a fictional detective and the pseudonym of the authors who created him.

Question 5: View the provided image. This detective show ran for eight years. In the pilot of the show the chief detective gets shot and paralyzed from the waist down. He solves crimes from a wheelchair.

Question 6: What show featured Dennis Weaver riding his horse through downtown Manhattan? Question 7: View the provided image. Joe E. Question 8: View the provided image.

60s cop shows

The private detective on this show is a former convict and lives in an old mobile home at the beach. Question 9: View the provided image. Michael Douglas had his first co-staring role with Karl Malden on this police drama. Question View the provided image. They appeared together in six seasons of the show. False True.Police TV series, a fixture of the small screen since its inception, have morphed from binary tales of cops and robbers to challenging and morally nebulous psychodramas.

The Greatest '70s Cop Shows

While each generation favours the ones it grew up with, Graeme Ross reckons he has nailed down the best of all time. Over episodes, the series followed Ironside and his team in his role as consultant to the Police Department as they sorted out the bad guys of the City by the Bay. Hannah gives the role his best but was probably too young and lacked the cynical gravitas that Stott gave to Rebus. With similar roles in The Vice and Messiah giving Stott an identifiable acting persona, he perhaps has the same problem as Humphrey Bogart being too much like Bogart to play the definitive Philip Marlowe, but in the absence of any other candidates, Stott is just fine.

Luther Like many of his ilk, dedicated near-genius DCI John Luther a brilliant Idris Elba is a tormented soul, struggling with his own inner demons, hugely affected by the stomach churning crimes he investigates.

Luther is so obsessive that he will do anything to get his man or woman, in the case of his nemesis, the psychopathic scientist Alice Morgan Ruth Wilson Both cerebral and heart pumping, Luther was created by Neil Cross and has spawned American and Russian versions.

The Fall Gillian Anderson is the deliberate, dedicated senior detective on the trail of an equally meticulous serial killer in this controversial drama filmed and set in Northern Ireland. The Fall survived accusations of misogyny and voyeurism to lift a Bafta for best television drama and keep viewers hooked for three series, but remains a troubling, unsettling experience for many. Cagney and Lacey 88 The cop show that more than any other blew the stereotypical image of female police officers out of the water, and challenged the sexist attitudes of many executives in the television industry.

Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless won the hearts of millions of viewers, and six Emmys between them, as two dedicated New York police officers who happened to be women with normal lives and challenges like everyone else. The bond between the two characters was unbreakable despite leading entirely different lives Lacey was married with a family and supportive husband, Cagney drifted from relationship to relationship.

The Shield The cop show that more than any other blurred the lines between the good guys and the bad guys. Z Cars Set in the fictional northern town of Newtown, Z Cars broke new ground in police drama shows, challenging the homely predictability of the likes of Dixon of Dock Green. The police officers themselves were portrayed warts and all, with gritty subject matter, including domestic abuse at the hands of a police officer, at the heart of the storylines.

Prime Suspect If Cagney and Lacey blazed the trail for female cops, then the first series of Prime Suspect in particular indicated a seismic shift in the perception of, and the attitudes towards, the female police officer. Helen Mirren is outstanding as DCI Jane Tennison who heads a murder squad hunting a sadistic serial killer, but has to overcome opposition and resentment from her team as well as the institutionalised sexism of the police department itself.

It did, however, become an international success particularly in the UK. Jerry Orbach. The bold, serpentine and gripping storylines provided the exemplary cast with parts of a lifetime, with the most outstanding feature of Line of Duty undoubtedly the lengthy interrogation scenes as the tension was racked up notch by notch. Columbo After Bing Crosby turned the role down, Peter Falk became synonymous with the cigar smoking, dishevelled police lieutenant in a shabby raincoat, winning four Emmys and a Golden Globe.

The Wire It has been compared to the works of Dickens and Dostoevsky and lauded as the greatest television programme ever. Inmembers of a drugs gang claimed they had studied The Wire in order to learn about the latest police surveillance techniques, surely the ultimate example of life imitating art.

Indeed the murder of a schoolgirl in that first episode was never solved.The good news is that none of these series has lost cheese appeal. You've got righteous heroes, nasty villains, police being called "pigs" or "the fuzz. All this to the chucka-chicka fuzzbox backing of urgent, brassy soundtracks that, thanks to this DVD's digital remastering, now sounds lean and muscular.

The late s and early '70s saw films take a dramatic turn toward a profoundly gritty look and philosophy. Movies like Dirty HarryThe French Connectionand Mean Streets amped up the violence and brought a new realism to cinema.

The five pilots presented here show how TV in the s attempted to capitalize on these movements.

Best TV Cop Shows From the 1970s

Each episode showcases the fluid camera work and taut character-driven storytelling that would become the trademark of '70s cop shows along with the requisite bombastic theme song.

In these pilots, police work is not pretty. It is a harsh, thankless business that takes a toll on the heart and souls of our heroes.

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Special Weapons and Tacticsin particular, had the unnerving premise of introducing an elite organization of ex-Vietnam War vets who were called on to handle violent situations too big for street cops. The S. Based loosely on real life S. The pilot, first shown infollows the team as they relentlessly pursue a group of snipers who are assassinating cops.

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This episode, which features a number of taut, exciting action sequences, offers a convincing look at this grim and uncompromising type of police work. Police Womanwhich first aired in and ran for four seasons, featured Angie Dickinson as Pepper Anderson, the only woman on a team of undercover vice cops led by Lt. Bill Crowley Earl Holliman. The pilot finds the team posing as bank employees in order to foil a ruthless gang of bank robbers and killers. Eddie Riker Gerald S. In the pilot episode, originally aired inWebster and Gillis try to clean up a dangerous neighborhood by persuading a gang to go straight.

Brown's performance as Terry Webster is one of the more interesting of this collection.This article provides a list of the best crime TV series and detective shows.

It is likely that many people get their original inspiration to become a private investigator, detective, police officer or forensic specialist from watching their favorite crime series and detective shows on TV. Following is an ever-evolving list of the best crime TV series. Read about the 24 series, cast members and episodes. Baretta is an American detective television series that ran on the ABC television network from to The criticism was due to its realistic and frequent depiction of police and criminal violence.

When Musante left the series after a single season, the concept was remade as Baretta, with Robert Blake starring in the title role. Baretta is a classic gritty, undercover cop who butts heads with his superior officers. His character lives in a run-down motel with his pet cockatoo bird.

Barney Miller is a comedy series about a fictional police station in New York City. Captain Barney Miller Hal Linden struggles to keep control of the wit and sarcasm of one of the funniest groups of policemen on TV.

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Bones — Bones is a series that is focused on crime scene forensics and criminal procedures. The show follows the personal and professional lives of a group of brilliant and emotional attorneys at a Boston Law firm. The main character works with a team of ex-intelligence specialists whose skills range from technical to tactical.

Cast includes:. It ran for a total of seven full seasons from to As a typical police and law enforcement procedure-based series, the show stars Sharon Gless and television actress Tyne Daly as two New York City police detectives who led very different lives: Christine Cagney Gless was a single, career-minded type of woman, while Mary Beth Lacey Daly was a typical married, but working, wife and mother.

Although they both led very different lifestyles, they were dedicated and successful police detectives. The series is set in a fictionalized version of a Manhattan police precinct. The show had a number of notable cast members, such as:. A groundbreaking show that featured three beautiful women working for a private investigation agency.

In addition to being well-known for its portrayal of beautiful women in action, the show developed a following due to its credible action sequences and the relationship shared between the three angels, Charlie, and Bosley. CHiPs followed two motorcycle police officers of the California Highway Patrol as they patrolled the California highways and streets looking for criminals and solving crimes.

The successful series ran for episodes over six seasons. The show was known primarily for its highway action, with plenty of car wrecks and interstate pile-ups in every episode. It was also known for its comedic elements combined with drama. The show was created by Anthony E. Zuiker and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. CSI follows the investigations of a team of Las Vegas forensic scientists and crime scene specialists as they uncover the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths and other types of crimes.

CSI was the top show on the network several different times but was often criticized for inaccurately portraying the true process of law enforcement investigations. It was also criticized for excessive violence. CSI was nominated numerous times for industry awards and has won nine awards during its history.

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The success of the television program led to the two spins offs. Watch as Dog and his team apprehend criminals and bring them to justice. The Dragnet TV series, syndicated as Badgewas a radio and television crime drama about the criminal cases of a dedicated Los Angeles police detective, Sergeant Joe Friday, and his police partners.

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